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Living Inspired

"So teach us to number our days, that we may present a heart of wisdom." ~ Psalm 90:12 (BSB)

Time is a funny thing. None of us knows how many tomorrows we have. Today could even be our last tomorrow.

Will we have the privilege of growing old and enjoying a soft summer breeze that carries with it the sounds of our grandchildren’s laughter while we rock in silent reverie on a distant country porch? Or, will we be one of those whom loved ones lament as having been lost too soon, yet to have experienced so many of the treasured memories afforded others.

As for me, I’ve decided that one beautiful day, after having cared for my garden, ‘round about the age of 103, I will have had enough of this earthly plane, graciously take a final bow, and gently step, or perhaps dance, into the arms of the Father.

But, as they say, “Man plans, God laughs.” I imagine it to be a loving little chortle with a gentle shake of the head when I think of that saying.

Is it to be mine? Only He knows.

Until that day though, whether it arrives sooner or later, time is the greatest gift we have. We get to do with it what we will.

It can be squandered, rushed past, relished, stretched out, or missed entirely.

They say if you live with great intention, the minutes don’t seem so short.

When my brother joined the Navy, I remember someone telling him that the days would seem long and the years brief. As far as I can tell, that’s as good an assessment as any.

How do we make them last and know at the end of a life that our moments were put to good use? How do we ensure that in those final breaths, all of our moments, weeks, months, and years can be filed under well spent?

I suppose that is one of the conundrums at the heart of the human condition.

As far as we know, we only get one journey circling the sun. How do we spend these precious few days in a manner that will leave us without regret?

I believe the concrete answer is different for each of us.

Circumstances arise. Life happens. And, before we know it, we are five years further down the road, or ten, or thirty, or seventy.

Thankfully I am young enough that the only one of those I can claim is standing in the midst of that dusty road, a bit battered and bruised, wondering what on earth happened to the last ten years.

Now, the trick is to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

It’s not really a trick though. While the details and specifics may vary, I believe the universally useful tool lies with the Holy Spirit, or the Triune God, as some call Him.

The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Alas, I tend to be rather human in my interaction with the great I AM. When I’m in touch, when He lives in me, I am truly and deeply grateful for every breath of air, every meal, every small moment of grace.

It’s when I’m not that things get unfortunate. That’s when the days fall away far too fast, having passed devoid of utility or beauty.

There is a sadness in not being who we are intended to be, who we were designed and destined to be, in not being our best selves. We mere mortals have a tendency to lose touch with that point of grace, that zone, in which the right choice is always feasible, doable, and frankly quite easy… if we let it be. But how do we get there? Sometimes it seems as though that’s easier said than done. In truth, however, it’s not so tough.

I don’t know about you, but for me it’s about breathing.

Did you know that the word inspire, other than to breathe in and inhale, means “immediate influence of God”?

And really, for me, that is what it takes. I have to take a moment, breathe deeply and choose to allow the Holy Spirit sway over my life, to allow Him dominion over my days and moments, over my choices large and small.

There’s no question it’s something that happens on purpose. If you choose not to invite Him in, God will allow you to carry on your merry way… He’ll always be there to pick up the pieces if and when you ask, but He’ll let you do your thing.

On the other hand, I’ve found that when I am willing to be inspired, to take advantage of the incredible gift of the “immediate influence of God,” my time is never squandered. Even when the circumstances of life seem to rob us of what we believed to be ours, even when tragedies befall us, or obstacles seem more than we could possibly handle; if we are simply willing to take that leap of faith, take that breath, come under His influence… If we are willing to extend the invitation, we fly. And, the moments are never wasted.

With Him, no matter when our final days find us, we will always be secure in the knowledge that our time was well spent.

Abba Father, thank You. Thank You, for helping us to live inspired, helping us to live under and inside of Your immediate influence. Thank You, for helping us to live in such a way that expands and optimizes our time, energy, and efforts. Thank You, for helping us to live in such a way that we someday come before You and hear those sweet, sweet words, well done. All these things we pray in the most holy name of Your Son. Amen.

"... The number of thy days I will fulfill." ~ Exodus 23:26 (KJV)

"The Scriptures say, 'Humans wither like grass, and their glory fades like wild flowers. Grass dries up, and flowers fall to the ground.'" ~ 1 Peter 1:24 (CEV)

"How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone." ~ James 4:14 (NLT)

May the Good Lord bless you and keep you, friends... always, in all ways. Amen.

Bonus song of praise...

Sharables! ...and, hey, thanks for sharing.

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