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Filled with the Spirit and Fully Equipped

"And I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability, and knowledge in all kinds of craftsmanship, to design artistic works in gold, silver, and bronze, to cut gemstones for settings, and to carve wood, so that he may be a master of every craft." ~ Exodus 31:3-5 (BSB)

Let's talk about Bezalel!

Um... who?

If you're a Biblical scholar, you're probably thinking, "Yes? Carry on." But if you're an average Joe or Jane like me, you're likely thinking "Let's talk about who?"

Bezalel was mentioned several times in the book of Exodus, he is the craftsman to whom God entrusted the wisdom and many talents required to build the Tabernacle and pretty much absolutely everything else associated with the worship of the Lord at the time. So, why is this relevant?

I'm sure some think, if this guy was important, we'd talk about him. If it mattered wouldn't we look back at the Old Testament and think of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, Elijah, and Bezalel?

I am really quite fond of Bezalel and find a great deal of reassurance in the way God poured into him. Not to mention, this is a very beautiful early example of God filling a man "with the spirit of God," before Pentecost. On top of which, I believe there is a rarely acknowledged golden nugget in his story.

In our current culture, we are all under so much stress. There's no question, some of that stress is of our own making, but some comes from external sources... those close to us, our job, news stations, newsfeeds, the magazine rack, and so on. There's healthy stress of course, growth stress (usually God-approved I'd like to think,) and then there's unhealthy stress. It is the latter I wish to address.

It's easy to get bogged down by all of our stressors, all of the details, to feel like they've taken over our lives and there's no way out. First of all, I recommend taking a breath... Inspire! (We've talked about that before. :) ) But then perhaps, think on Bezalel.

In the book of Exodus, God spends a great deal of time, chapter upon chapter, outlining the specifics of the Tabernacle, the garments of ministry, the anointing oil, and so many other details. This piece to be made of silver, that of bronze; this piece to be solid gold, that gold-plated. Bells and pomegranates and acacia wood, oh my! Everything was specified down to the finest detail, even ensuring that the placement of blue cord assured that "the breastplate would not come loose from the ephod..." (It's okay, I didn't know what an ephod was either.)

Can you imagine the demands of having every detail of the arc, tabernacle, and material facets of worship placed squarely within your realm of responsibility? Talk about stress!

But, the first time we meet Bezalel, God says this:

"And I have filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship... to work in all manner of workmanship."

God prepared Bezalel. God ensured that Bezalel had all of the skills, understanding, knowledge, talent, patience, and everything else imaginable for him to bring God's vision to life. He was fully equipped to call forth excellence from the artisans tasked with helping him bring God's vision to life, to deal with contractors, to have the right words on the tip of his tongue when his wife was upset because he missed dinner again.

To the lock of every challenge, Bezalel had the perfect divinely designed key.

Much like Bezalel, God has a plan and a task for us all. And just like Bezalel, He has equipped us with every conceivable thing we might need in order to bring His vision to life. We must simply agree to be co-creators and trust, to submit and surrender.

So often we are told, "God doesn't give you more than you can handle," or "If He meets the needs of the lilies of the field and the sparrow, why not you?" Those things are no less true. And now, in the face of chapters and chapters of specifics for how to accomplish the mission(s) He has set before you; hopefully, you'll breathe, think back on Bezalel and know that God has also given you all of the wisdom, patience, skills, smiles, understanding, and knowledge to do what He has set you to do. We can know full well that if we are willing to step out in faith with Him, when the work is done, we can remember Exodus 39:43 "Then Moses looked over all the work, and indeed they had done it; as the Lord had commanded, just so they had done it. And Moses blessed them."

May you be blessed in the work of your hands. May you be open to receive the Spirit-filled knowledge, skills, understanding, and wisdom tailor made for you in the process and completion of the tasks He has entrusted to only you... May we all!

Heavenly Father, Creator... Thank You, that You have fully equipped us for every task and every moment You have set before us. Thank You, that you have filled us with Your Holy Spirit, so that each moment You've called us to, each interaction You will bring us through, You are there with everything we need. Thank You, for helping us to be open to Your leading, for giving us the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the will to walk in Your Way, always, in all ways. All of these things we pray, in the name of Your Most Holy Son. Amen.

"Now therefore go, and I will be with your mouth, and teach you what you shall say." ~ Exodus 4:12 (AKJ)

"And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." ~ Philippians 4:19 (KJV)

"For at that time the Holy Spirit will teach you what you should say." ~ Luke 12:12 (BSB)

May the Good Lord bless you and keep you, friends... always, in all ways. Amen.

Bonus song of praise...

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